Natural and Delicious Way to Reduce Anxiety and Relief Headaches

Anxiety is the most common problem in the world. Doctors may proscribe the medications for severe cases but most of the people are developing drug dependance and withdrawal if they want to stop using it.

Gratefully there are natural remedies to try as well!

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is commonly used to calm senses , it helps with nervousness, stress and insomnia and has no side effects or drugs dependency. Many people believe that it may relieve headaches that where triggered by stress. Pure lavender oil is great to use for your own health.

Amazing Lavender oil properties 

• Anti-inflammatory

• Antidepressant

• Antibacterial

• Antimicrobial

• Antispasmodic

• Analgesic

• Hypotensive

• Sedative properties

Topical application is considered the best way to experience its benefits.  But there is another delicious way to relax and calm your mind after long day Honey Lavender Lemonade!

June and July are the months when French lavender plants are ready for harvest. Speaking of perfect ways to stay cool this summer, how about a glass of Lavender Lemonade?

Here is the Magic Recipe:

• 1 cup honey

• 6 cups water

• 1/2 cup dried or fresh lavender

• 6 juiced lemons

• Lavender sprigs for garnish


1.Bring to boil 1/2 water and remove from heat

2 .Add honey and dried lavender, steep for 25-30 min.

3. Strain

4. Add lemon juice and the water. 

5. Stir , Cool and Enjoy. 

Recipe with Lavender Essential Oil 

6 lemons juiced

1 cup honey

2 drops doTerra Lavender essential oil

6 cups Water

Lavender sprigs


Combine  juice, honey, and doTerra Lavender oil in a large pitcher.

Add water and stir until well mixed.

Cool and Enjoy!

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