Science Now Says Visiting The Beach Can Change Your Brain and Wellbeing In An Incredible Way

Everyone loves the beach, The hot Sun shining down on you, the smell and sound of the ocean waves crashing against the warm sand beneath your feet.

Relaxing on the beach is a serene feeling, there’s nothing quite like it on Earth. And science is starting to show that regular days at the beach aren’t just relaxing experiences, they also have tangible health benefits.

It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Your relaxing days at the beach are also providing your body and mind with a slew of benefits. Here are just some of the many benefits that you can take advantage of by just having some fun in the Sun at the beach.

1. Regular Days At The Beach Could Improve Your Mental Health

Certain studies have found that the sounds, sights, or smells of water can help to relax and clear your mind. This is why areas like the beach have the potential to improve mental health. These places have been dubbed “blue spaces”, and they’ve been shown to help relax, reduce anxiety, clear the mind, and more.

This might come as no surprise to those who already take regular visits to the beach, but for those still searching for a natural remedy for their anxiety and stress, try taking a day off at the beach!

2. Being In The Sun Is Good For You — In Moderation…

The Sun is an amazing thing. It provides heat for our planet and supports almost all of life on Earth in one way or another. Humans are no exception to this, and just ten minutes under direct sunlight can give us our full daily dose of Vitamin D.

Having the right amount of Vitamin D does wonders for the body, it helps to improve your teeth and bone health, it can improve the look and quality of your skin, boost the immune system and more.

That’s not to say you should sit under the Sun all day though, as overexposure to the Sun may harm you quite a bit more than it does good.

Always make sure that you keep yourself protected with a quality sunscreen if you’re planning on being in direct sunlight for long periods of time. And never sit in the Sun long enough to burn, as too much exposure to the Sun can harm the skin and even raise your chance at developing skin cancer.

3. The Beach Can Give Your Mind A Huge Creative Surge

Another one of the many benefits of “blue spaces” is that they can nudge your mind into a sort of trance. This trance is similar to the state your mind is in when you’re showering, meditating, or just have a clear mind in general.

Relaxation and anxiety relief aren’t the only benefits of this trance either. When your mind is clear and your brain gets a chance to turn off for a bit, it opens the floodgates to let in tons of new ideas for you to explore.

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